Greetings to all harmonica players, past & current customers and others who have used or expressed an interest in our Custom Harmonica and Repair services for Diatonic, Chromatic, and Specialty Harmonicas through the website, direct email, or referrals.  (

Open Door Harmonicas is part of Burke T.'s Audio / Music Production services at Open Door Productions.  (  I am updating this mailing list/ newsletter, with information, special custom build offerings, and sale items for players who may be interested in our custom harmonica and repair adventures, discounts, closeout items, and other harmonica related items and information.  

If you would like to be on the mailing list please fill the form below with your email contact and name to sign in.  You can opt out at any future time.

I welcome feedback and thoughts on possible new builds, tunings, and custom options as well as harmonica specific questions and information you might like to see included in this newsletter.  This is a new feature to help me stay connected with my friends in the harmonica community in 2017.  I look forward to staying in touch and hearing from you in the future. 

Thanks to all of who have supported Open Door Harmonicas these past few years.
Cheers-  Burke T. 
Open Door Harmonicas
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